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Photography has always been a passion of mine. I am a self-taught photographer and have spent years developing my skills. 


I love photographing people and capturing their stories and unique moments with
my lens. But I am currently NOT TAKING ANY PHOTOGRAPHY JOBS,
so I can focus more on graphic design. 


However, I will keep practising my photography in my free time so please
visit my page for any updates.

Art & Illustrations

From an early age, I’ve had a big interest in drawing and painting.
I inherited my skills from both my parents which I’m so grateful for.

I started oil painting on canvass in 2012. My works are inspired by Broome and
its beautiful beaches.  In 2019 I started Watercolour paintings again,
inspired by Darwin sealife & the beach lifestyle.

Unfortunately since I became a mum, I'm not actively painting anymore.
But try to squeeze in other art projects around the house like macrame, 
painting old furnitures to give them a new chaby-chic look or craft project with the kids :)

I'm also offering custom digital illustration & designs.

This could be an illustration you need for a bath towel you want to get printed,
an illustration that goes on your wedding invite or you might want to design your own stickers. Get in touch, so we can discuss your creative projects and make it happen.

"The purpose of Art is,

washing the dust of daily life

off our souls."

- Pablo Picasso-

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